Invisible man

UN General Secretary even admits that he has an image problem.

I tried the UN web site, and clicked on Secretary General. He does have a picture standing behind a podium, addressing me the only web audience as far as I am concerned.

I thought being in that important post, at this time in human history, he could use a better picture, to project more authority (derivative power from the position he is holding).

Maybe the UN has image problem, regardless who is in command.

We got EU, NAFTA and WHO. Not to mention of a whole host of other International authorities, trying to tackle poverty, hunger, swine flu, nuclear threat and environmental threat. It’s a busy world, and God himself seems to leave

the more immediate issues in human hands.

And the leader is also “invisible”. Ralph Ellison pens “An invisible man” about black men in the early 20th century.

The last few days, we witness the exchange of a new “Joe the plumber” and the president .

Actually, it should be the caller of 911 in Cambridge who acted stupidly (who would call 911 if you knew it’s your Harvard professor neighbor and his driver who came back from a trip).

I think 911 has been the most abused number and 211 (information and help line) the least used.

The cat got stuck in the tree: call 911.

Your obese sibling cannot get through the door: call 911.

The world poor and dispossessed (not having a phone) are the only ones who don’t call 911.

I can’t wait to see what Chis Rock would make out of this Harvard 911 incident.

Maybe next time, when the professor’s neighbor came home, he should call 911 on her as she tries to open her door. That way, we can find out if the Cambridge police will frisk her (airport security protocol). As of this edit, an Indian female diplomat got her equal treatment of the law also at the airport. Meanwhile, Mandela body is still warm, yet Jesse Jackson still got work to do down in Louisiana with “Duck Dynasty” (worse than Rosa Park’s bus driver). Meanwhile, apartheid is still alive and well in Australia.

The problem with being invisible is not that you are invisible. It’s because you don’t play the part, belong on the set. Some of us are condemned to be back-stage people, while others, front-stage. You can’t wear your underwear on the outside, unless you are Madonna. Oh oh oh, girls just wanna have fun. Or holding a knife to illustrate “budget cut” in California. Talking about Visual Aid, and prop and being visual., as long as you generated publicity, positive or negative. It’s the new Age of page-ranking. Wonder how many people have searched for “Ban Ki Moon“? We need another Ralph Ellison to bring fresh portrait and perspective on race.


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