Heroes in our eyes

We got some footage about those Japanese astronauts now.

This brings me back to those endless summers when I watched all sorts of movies: French, American, Chinese and Japanese. Among the Japanese ones, the most memorable is the “blind Samurai”, who exemplifies the spirit of quiet strength.

We self-project, so our heroes tend to reflect our inner psychological make-ups. And of course, the spirit of the time

has something to do with it: Bogart’s line “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” probably propelled him to the all-time

Hollywood endearment (but he smokes). While our Stallone of the Rocky series could barely utter a few lines, most memorable was his Rambo’s line “where they call Hell, I call Home”.

Another mesmerized experience was the Who in Woodstock concert film, where at the end of their performance, Pete Townsend, the lead guitarist, smashed his instrument to get the reverberation from the speakers (must be quite a buzz for those who were on drug at the scene).  The Japanese Samurai do more with less, while his Western counterparts do less with more ( over consumption and property destruction).

No wonder I was made to read those “Small is beautiful” titles when in college. It was right after the Oil embargo, and the social critics were having a field day. Some scholars even predicted the end of cheap oil as imminent, and this was in later part of the 70’s (I was more inclined to revisit their premises last summer when oil was up around the $150 mark).

Back to our heroes. To the millennial generation, those two guys at Google who rolled out their G Phones on roller blades, or the Facebook founder who refused to sell. These are today’s heroes: working from dorm rooms, and piggyback the University backbones. The next generation of heroes will be more likely to wear a turban or glasses

(slanted eyes). Mine, I must admit, are more feminine (my mother for one): O, J.K Rowling, Hillary and Swimsuit models (must be hard to keep up with the appearance for the shoot). See, I happen to be entrepreneurial, sociable and creative. My heroes got to possess all three attributes to make the list. Branson of the Virgin group made the profile also.

In seeking your heroes, you found your very self. We all live in a cave, and look up to our own shadows on the wall, that is, if we can make a fire. Sadly, I don’t find that many heroes in today’s business world . That is why they make the graduating class of MBA to take the oath (before they turn Wolves on Wall Street). At least, the biz schools finally own a bible or two, just for ceremonial reason.



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