The New Low

Canadian University system has just introduced a new low grade (lower than F) for Academic Dishonesty (plagiarism or online essay service etc…).

At least, the University is catching on with high-tech trickery, and how these portable devices and outsourcing services can aid cheaters. TA’s will have to play cops, always vigilant and alert.

I suggest they install hidden cameras, thus fighting fire with fire, gadget with gadget.

And while at it, install some extra metal detectors in school. One cannot learn if one doesn’t feel safe.

(As of this edit, there was another school shooting whose perpetrator had been disciplined by school librarian).

Once the kids are going this route (short cut), they are slated to be future “madoffs”.

I sent a friend a link about “naughty in school, trouble in life” a social study in Britain.

And it is documented that people with penchant to get in trouble exhibit these traits very early in life.

That’s why we got transcript and track record. We got talent scouts but also talent screening (like Hollywood agents).

Natural selection.

Year ago, when they selected astronauts to walk on the surface of the moon, the committee worked through a pool of thousands.You got to have “the Right Stuff”.

Now , you have institutions that are “too big to fail”, and students who negotiated to have an “F” instead of “FD”.

Lesser of the two evils. Win-win negotiation.

When I graduated from HS with a Magnum Cum Laud, I remember coming home to my father who for the first time gave me some money to buy beers to treat my friends.Rite of passage.

I had my first “legalized” beer at the age of 18. Honestly.

It just the way it was back then: you pulled many all-nighters, then you were rewarded with beers and party in the comfort of  home.

“You touch drug, I will kill you.” Reward and punishment system was very clear back then.

Now, it’s “you touch that key pad, I will give you an FD”. The future is here. And some kids can’t wait to get caught.

That way, they feel at least some adults care enough to give them an “FD”. Go find some construction jobs. If they are hiring. This is a white-collar world, boy. We don’t get drafted, get our hands dirty or get caught, because we belong in Palm Beach Club. BTW, the Fool’s Gold plot was conceived in Boca Raton, not too far down the I-95. CDO’s and all.

Watch out for the “D” in any acronym least of which in a Canadian University transcript.



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