Red lanterns

There is a story on BBC news about an Indian engineer who complains that he only married thrice:

“why would the Muslims have all the wives, and me, a Hindu, cannot have multiple marriages” he vented his apparent frustration.

Truth be told, he was confirmed to have been married at least six times, concurrently.

This reminds me of a joke . It goes like this.

Three guys battling around. First guy says ” my girl got a very nice crooked tooth” (in Asia, esp. VN, one crooked tooth is considered exotic and rare).

The second guy chimes in “mine got them on both sides”.

The third guy instinctively refuses to lose face “you guys know what, mine have a whole jaw like that”.

I call this misplaced competition.

Sure, It’s the survival of the fittest. So nature lends itself to competition in the process of natural selection.

But competition knows no bound. During the 80’s, cheerleader’s mom went way out of bound to ensure her child’s admission.

My first daughter went to a lot of cheer-leading competitions in S California, so I know the sacrifice and commitment

parents made to their child’s team.

With hip hop, my child learns the value of team work,  hard work  and their place in the larger scheme of things.

We keep hearing for days now how Senator Kennedy was able to reach across the aisle to make sure work get done.

I am sure the Last Lion wanted to win, but he also knew the other side had the same thing in mind.

The art of negotiation is to sell to yourself and your position.

How much compromise are you willing to make? When to hold, and when to fold.

And most of all, to resist the urge to sacrifice all the hard work in the heat of the moment: I win, you lose.

All or nothing. Chances are… you might have the last word, but you may not win. If anything, it’s your girl who ends up with  crooked teeth by the mouthful.



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