I am “FONT” of you

The New Zealand health-care admin lady wanted to go for broke with her emphatic mode (ALL CAPS).

She got what she had wanted: people’s and the court’s attention. Fired, compensated but out of a job.


To make sure forms were filled correctly, she applied a new tactic, ALL CAPS, and perhaps not without a dose of her own rudeness. People were made to feel “small” , their intelligence insulted. It’s her cheap “high” at the expense of  co-workers. It’s like the Bad Behavior Brigade who try to patrol the Parisian streets for Urine Sauvage where it says:


The court sided with her, not her employer.

It’s all in the font.

IKEA changed its font on the “I” and got complaint mail.

This reminds me of Readers Digest, especially the large print issues, which has just filed for bankruptcy and will be available only 10 times a year (down from 12).

Not sure their font size will shrink or not, but readership certainly has. Remember the Saturday Evening Post?

There is no reason to apply all CAPS (only when your key board got stuck, or it’s a life-threatening situation e.g. SOS!).

It’s an equivalent of shouting and screaming.

The co-workers were offended. The boss was offended, and felt that sacking her for the sake of many was worthwhile .

Either way, the culprit got her day in court, but did not learn her lesson. In fact, she will when looking for a job and found that everywhere else, HR have revised their workplace Netiquette, and while at it, they use her for a case study. GOTCHA!


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