facebook lite

On Facebook Lite, people with mobile devices can just send a quick comment and get on with hearing the President Speech.


Social networking not “for here” but “to go”.

It’s the equivalent of talking to friends while on a moving train or automobile, or  while paying at the cash register.

We are a society in a hurry. Real hurry!

And I must admit, Twitter did give Facebook a run for the money.

Snappy attention. Shorter bursts of data stream. Get to the point and in your face.

“You lie”.

It’s common for us to go about all our lives, doing a million things, good , bad and ugly, only to be remembered by one short burst or comment.

The President warned Wakefield High School Students to be careful of what they post on Facebook.

I might add, especially be mindful when commenting on Facebook Lite. The nature of mobile device might fool one into thinking that it’s just a short text message. No it’s not. It’s micro-blogging. And it meant to post, not sent and be received by an intended audience of one.

Back to consumer sentiment.

According to the latest poll, people (80%) are still bewildered, the state of a deer caught by an incoming head light.

Despite Bernanke being a student of the late Great Depression, he couldn’t make the problems go away.

We need to send someone to jail. We did. We need to get people  a new set of wheels. We did.

We need small wins, consistently. Well, we haven’t. Cash for (rusty) appliances? Cash for bulbs? Cash for clunkers?

I propose Cash for old phones. That way, we are stimulated to move on to Smart phones wired with Facebook Lite.

Nurse a Miller Lite while at it. Friday afternoon, on White House or any house lawn, thumbing your key pad . Can we all get along? But I still am careful about what I post. We got enough to deal with these days, from ID theft to IOU. Who need unwarranted short bursts that will come back and haunt us digitally, and eternally.

You see, bad comments are now so democratized that they don’t belong in the purview of public figures, just like

blogging wouldn’t be just for Martha Stewart or Huffington. Just being at Wakefield High will do. And it’s not the word count that counts. Short bursts, like “you lie”, will do. My short comment is “you win, I win, win-win”.



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