Don’t dream, it’s over

The Maytag man finally wakes up from a long nap!

Pent-up demand pushes consumers to go out and spend on big-ticket items such as refrigerators, washers and dryers.

Walmart got a law suit for paying men more than women for the same job.

Our calendar is very consumer-friendly i.e. plenty of  shopping events, from Mothers Day to Memorial Day…

Past President(s) signed into law certain holiday, to fall on Mondays hence long shopping weekends by design.

We saw the testimonies of “what is synthetic CDO?” etc…

But by the time the witnesses were sworn in, it’s already yesterday’s news.

People have moved on. Can’t live on Main Street in the ghosting shadow of Wall Street.

Kids need shoes.

Jeans need washer and dryer.

Maytag man, wake up.

As the refrain by Crowded House, ” Hey now, hey now, don’t dream it’s over”.

I am glad it’s only just begun, this time, living in real-time and in reality.

Call it what you’d like, but it ain’t that version of the American Dream we used to know i.e. A Chevy in the drive way,

and a chicken in the pot (with apple pie for deserts).  The America today has apple pie and McNuggets, with ketchup upon request only. For Here or To Go (we prefer you take it “to go”).

Don’t dream, it’s over.



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