Prominent display

If you want your brand to stick , you got to plaster it on Times Square billboards.

Yahoo did. I bet they spent a fortune for that property. Build, and they will come.

Not bad for a company started out in a Standford dorm room.

Companies are competing for Continuous Partial Attention (CPA).

This time around, it’s inevitable that attention is moving online, and on the go.

HP got it. UA couldn’t get over the urge to merge.

Most sectors which got deregulated ended up morphing through multiple mutation (cable, telco, airline, banking and lately Microsoft/Nokia).

On my street, there are a bunch of CHASE branches (where they used to be Washington Mutual).

Signs of the time.

You would think  you would see fewer walk-in banking.

Meanwhile, I don’t get to see the video clerks any longer (the teller, I see once a year if at all).

Good thing Quentin Tarantino moved up in the food chain to shoot movies. Or else, he would have been out of a job.

And Lindsay Lohan, in a desperate move to acquire prominent display (visibility), accepted the role of Linda Lovelace.

LL for LL. All the more fitting.

Everybody is on camera (because the cell phone is now a camera). And not just Big Brother is watching (that was the passe vision of 1984).

Prominent display or not, we are all on display. Control your image, control your life.



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