Think of me, next Memorial Day

How much time do you have left?

Life expectancy average has been up, but individually, it’s an open question.

The question.

And this question should stand Maslow scale on its head i.e. if you knew you were going to die tonight,

would you be moving methodically up the Need pyramid? Or just go ahead to think that thought, say that word

and do that deed? Fearlessly.

Every week, I drove by Rapids, a water park, but haven’t once entered it.

The last time I tried jumping from the Devil‘s tower (vertical drop) I fainted for a few seconds.

Maybe this weekend, I will try again.

What’s your “water park”?

The chairman of Giant -Taiwanese bike Lord– has tried to do just that. He is going to repeat the national track on his 80;’s birthday. So did George Bush, the father, when he celebrated his birthday by jumping out of a plane, as he did in his youth.

A vet friend of mine, tall and friendly, used to karate-kick really high ( this was junior high when we used each other as human punch bags).

He went to war and came back injured.

We spent a lot of time catching up over the last decade after we had met again on the West coast.

Gone were the kicking. Just the sense of irony and humor left between us.

Imagined if he had died and never come back.

We wouldn’t have had those extra hours over coffee, computer and chicken rice (his 3 C’s).

Yesterday Gary Coleman, the star of Different Strokes and lately, Pay Day Advance spoke person died at the age of 42.

A doctor I know of the same name same age, died a few months back. He was adamant about checking other people’s cholesterol level. His cause of death: heart attack.

The hard part is to know when your time is up. The easy part is to choose how to live each day as if it were your last.

And since it’s my last blog, metaphorically, I hope to leave with you that sense of appreciation for life, as is.

We couldn’t negotiate our arrival, and our departure. So I guess, life as presented to us, is a non-negotiable package.

I am glad for the internet (1 and 0), music (7 notes) and the alphabet (hope and history rhyme).

And I appreciate those role models who exploit those infinite combination and permutation to show us what life was all about..  Their en-code have become my source code.

During those Kung-fu fever years (90% of our group took up Kung-fu of one form or another) I thought I could skip the law of gravity. I ended up with a broken arm.

And this weekend, perhaps, I will try to jump again.  But this time, it will be safe. It’s a water park, for God‘s sakes. And recession admission is buy one and get one free.

Someone has to watch and make sure I don’t faint again. A little attention for the living is much better than a ton for the dead.

Think of me next Memorial Day anyway regardless the outcome.

P.S. As of this edit, I have just gone back from my morning job. Passed by the noodle house. They were putting up funeral wreath. It was the noodle man’s last day. Perhaps I will think of him next Memorial Day. And the Syrian victims of Sarin.


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