out-texting teens

DUI – Driving under the influence.

DWT – Driving while texting.


And adults are found to out-text teens while driving (I remember a recent study about high school students’ SMS habit).

Texting was first popular in Europe and later Asia. But people in those parts of the world use public transportation more than automobile.

When SMS got adopted in the US, naturally everything here is on wheels (meals on wheels, messaging on wheels, making out on wheels).

Worst case scenario for unintended consequences of technological adoption.

Americans are known to watch TV and eat dinner (TV trays), read while on the treadmill and listen to music or read while having a bath. So DWT is just a notch up in an already stressful society

(another study came out today about the Stress of Dad – like 70’s women who have to juggle between work and home life).

So we have World Cup scores to look at, text to answer and long wait in traffic. This study surprises me because at the age of 16-17, I would think teen drivers are more fidgeted.

I am glad they are to intervene by disabling SMS function while the phone is found at 10+ miles per hour. If they could just put a mini lo-jack into the phone so we can track it when stolen or lost.  I  am sure this app is coming up in future version of smart phones. You think it, they’ll do it. Welcome to the Jetson Age.


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