Spontaneous outpour

US fan emotion has been penned up for years.

Even for Donovan himself, who said through tears,

“I’ve been through a lot” . “It makes me believe in goodness. And when you try to do things the right way it’s good to see it work.”

Bill Clinton showed up in the locker room (as he had showed up for the Rolling Stones concert or SNL venues) a deja vu if you remember Nelson Mandela rooting for his  S African  all-white rugby team.

The day has been quite eventful: oil cap removed, war commander replaced and US soccer spell vanished. What a catharsis!

Donovan felt validated. Yes, even a soccer star needs his team.

And this time, victory is sweet, and undeniable. We all felt it. Fans felt it. And they jumped the fan. They wanted to be close to the epic center of this raw emotion.

They want to hug, and share the joy. Empathic, spontaneous outpouring of elated joy. You should see it in Clinton’s face. That smile says it all: US soccer is to be contended with from here on. After all, it’s the 21 st century. And World Cup is here to stay. Might as well join them and preferably beat them.

Now, we still have work to do. Stuff like transition to the metric system. Oh well, I will eat what’s on the plate, for now.


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