summer breeze

Rolling black-outs in the city occur here quite often.

So it’s refreshing to ride through District 1, where the Saigon River occasionally delivers some wind-tunnel effect. Lightings are up to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Bakeries are setting up kiosks everywhere in town, pushing their Moon cakes.

We got Givral joining the confectionary space traditionally belongs to Kinh Do and Dong Khanh. Sweet tooth and sweet spot.

Summer to many is now officially behind. Moon Festival is next.

Children enjoy lanterns, candle lights and of course, Moon cakes.

We used to light our lantern each year, our version of Christmas tree. Being kids, we knew this season was ours.

I hit the nerve when I ordered mini-moon cakes as give-aways at MCI booths back in 1995.  With lanterns, moon cakes, even grown-ups wanted to switch over. They knew that someone cared, and paid attention.

Marketing is not difficult if you begin and end with the customers.

Another childhood imprint was when my parents took turn to recite their freshly composed poems on New Year‘s Eve ( I had barely finished sweeping the floor in time to greet New Year).

The poems were to usher in luck and new hope for the entire year.

I wonder if the tradition still carries on at that sacred hour.

But for this Moon Festival, the children certainly will sing that traditional song, while carrying around their lanterns.

And sure enough, lingering summer breeze might snuff out their candles as it did mine long time ago.  May I have some lights please!


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