all flesh!

It must be hard to keep reinventing one’s self, especially when it comes to topping your own high marks.

Gaga does it again on Vogue cover (all- meat bikini ).

Use all your resources. Follow the money and your instincts.

This is to show that when it comes to imagination, we have no bound.

We are the ones who limit ourselves.

Try YouTube.

Have a laugh at some videos, then turn around, and laugh at yourselves.

Why can’t you do it better? Why don’t you do it at all!

The last time I saw Lady Gaga, it was on the cover of the Rolling Stone (gun and bullets).

Why all the complaints, now that she did away with guns and try meat and butter?

It’s designed as a publicity stunt. And in my book, it works.

It triggers the imagination. It opens up something in my brain. It moves me and motivates me.

Shouldn’t it motivate you? One human being do something unheard of before, leads to many more mutations.

Vietnamese math award winner was said to “have thrown the bridge across the river” for others to see and solve the many “lemma”.

Whatever multi-sided equation he was working on, I am sure humanity can someday benefit from much (the way we have profited from the size and speed of the silicon chips).

On the creative side, Lady Gaga now stands on top of earlier giants such as JLo and Madonna, to reign supreme. I had a good feeling about this, seeing Elton John and her in a duet.  I knew then, that Elton was pairing with her, and endorsing her as heiress apparent. It’s our garden of Eden, with Eve not wearing any clothes.

All flesh!



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