Love on aisle 13

Inside Wal-Mart, you can find towels, pillows and assorted bath items neatly displayed, aisle by aisle.

Almost all the essential and desirable are available in store and online, but you can not find love on aisle 13. You wish.

Love and happiness are quite alluding. The more one hunts for them, the further they seem to evade.

So we substitute the tangible for the intangible, towels in the tub for tales of the heart.

When asked,  nearly everyone says he/she was looking for happiness and/or love.

Most would say for sure it’s happiness (love means different  to different people) or the pursuit of it.

Yet we see evidence to the contrary i.e. hate speech, threat of Quran burning, and pastor who plays surveillance against his local strip joint patronage (who finally got enough, and gave him a dose of his own medicine). Welcome to America, land of the free. Welcome to Wal-Mart, shop more save more (not sure about the “live better” part).

Will we find love in our life time? Or its resemblance? Even a glimpse into that castle is good enough. One cannot get the right combination to crack that code i.e. when you are young, you have the energy, and time, but not money. Later, you got some money, energy, but not enough time. And at late stage of life, lots of time, little energy, and the money part is questionable (average life expectancy is now 70, and the age of Social Security entitlement extends to 67. What are you going to do in those last three years? Shop at Wal-Mart and look for romance on aisle 13 as some were purportedly doing).

Happy are those who want, for they shall inherit the Earth. Let’s hope so. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, we have Roll Back items on aisle 13. Heart-shaped and everything. It symbolizes love, made in China. Call it “golden year specials”.  And you can scan the item yourself, wipe the cart handle yourself, etc…. Thanks for shopping. Did you find everything you need? Love and happiness?  Since you don’t seem to have found it (smaller than a lottery chance), we wish you a good day.

Even for lottery winners, studies show that they file for bankruptcy within a few years. Wealth doesn’t equate with happiness. And certainly not love, which involves another human being of free will. That will freely chooses wealth over want, liberty over loyalty, Tiffany over Target.

OK Miss Hepburn, let’s do breakfast (at Tiffany) before our daily shopping for love on aisle 13.


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