Tang, Sanka and Google instant

Tang was well-known way back then, as the drink of choice for astronauts.

Sanka had been in every motel room, before the green de-caffeine (equivalent of conditioner that is coupled with shampoo) bags came to existence.

And now Google Instant, promised to be faster and more magical.

Can’t data mine faster than that.

The wisdom of crowd interacts with the wisdom of machine. IQ vs AI.

We were amazed at Luke’s drink (in Star Wars). Now we know why? The speed of everything has been quickened.

I prepared lunch for myself and my daughter today.

I found myself very impatient with the process: chopping, heating, eating and cleaning.

Would it be easier to eat out of  Instant Cup O Noodles? (which made the Noodle King richer than Burger King).

Nobody knows you are a dog on the internet. But you must be the top dog. Search engine and crawlers show SEO, be it the best or not.

Only the highest page-ranked items are displayed above-the-fold. With Linkedin Social endorsement, we have invented the online equivalent of “street cred” (the age of Lordship is back, albeit in new currency)

I remember browsing through a section of the library, just to see what’s placed close by.

Now with Google instant, I won’t get to do all that. It will “ping” right away displaying only the search term.

We are back to data silos, to our own “cubicle”. Hence the danger of isolation and the need for integration.

The Web gives us vast data pool, Google instant narrows it down. A personalized version of Google trend.

Ph.D. candidates are having a field day narrow down their thesis.

( Once you can articulate the problem and find no existing research done on the topic,  you are half way to the degree.)

I am glad for competition in Search and instant Search.

It’s tough enough having to deal with spam, and unsolicited mail (data deluge).

BTW, the NYT might stop to exist in physical form. It’s experiment on-line has been successful, so much that it threatens the print side.

The tipping point came when people bought more e version than hard-cover version.

Save a tree, save a buck , but not B&N.

No longer do we browse other books while shopping for a new release.

Save gas, save space and save time. Instant gratification. Boy oh boy, what am I going to do with my existing book collection?

Another “Tower” is down (referring to Tower Records, which went busted after MP3). I don’t think Goodwill will accept all the book donation in the future,

the same way it is inundated with tube TV‘s. We are witnessing  a near complete transition to digital, one which is overtaking our lives a zero and a 1 at a time.

My plea: be patient with yourself. And if you have to prepare lunch, try not to use the microwave. Not that it’s not fast, it’s just that with our current expectation, even microwave speed seems so slow in the age of Google Instant. Use those free minutes for a Tweet that might go viral.


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