Recovering in Joseph’s way

There are some positive upward movements today.

Brought to mind Joseph story i.e. recovery from the seemingly bottomless pit (put there by who else but his own brothers).

But Joseph managed to press “reset”, reinvent himself (befriending the warden), to eventually rise to be Chief of Staff.

What did he have ? Persistence, ability to turn revenge into reward, and finally took the high road (of forgiveness).

We can take a page or two from that play book.

Great men were great not because they managed to avoid the bottom.  Precisely the opposite: they face it and not face down.

(Churchill’s line : never, never, give up. Although he later admitted to making a mistake by going by the gold standard during post-war resettlement).

Just make sure your stance is sturdy . My trainer said he could tell the shape you are in by watching how you squat.

What ever the stage of grief we are in, press “reset” and move on .

I have seen companies that thrived (McDonald’s and McAfee), folded (Circuit City and Bebo) or acquired

( Burger King by 3-G Capital and Hertz by Dollar.)

In crisis there is opportunity (builders in San Bruno are called back to work).

So begins our long climb out of the pit. One step at a time. Oh, don’t forget our Joseph who decided early on that the best revenge is sweet success, success that spills over and lifts everyone, frien-emies included.



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