Go sell

I switched the channel, and kept seeing X-Presidents and Prime Ministers on TV.

Then I saw Obama on CNBC Town Hall.

Apparently he took President’s Clinton’s advice to go out and sell his plan.

Meanwhile, Mr Blair is on a book-signing tour (no sign of protest in the US, just in the UK).

I kept hearing the term the American Century.

I thought I heard the American Currency.

One economist predicted China rise to be world economic leader by 2050 (13 times the US earnings, which reverses the equation the last time we looked back in 1975).

A lot could happen in one’s life time (by 2050, life expectancy may rise to be near 75).

Back in 1900, life expectancy was just 47.

And the Wright brothers were fearless with their flight invention.

Amelia took that to the limit (The Eagles probably had her in mind with their song ).

People adjust to change at a different pace. With IT and broadband, the speed of transmission just got faster (especially when they move the servers closer to the trading floor).  But bureaucracy and technocracy move at their own time-table (Have you filled out that form etc..).

Start up companies often mis-time market adoption rate (hence, the Valley of Death).

Baby boomers will be the first wave of retirees who read from Kindle and Sony Reader.

They will be the ones who fill out physician e-questionaire to be upload into the EMR integrated system.

And very likely, the driving force behind “Change, change, change” in E-government and E-trading (the former will once again, take its time).

Hence, the President needs to take it to the road, and sell his plan.

I join you in a brief relief: the hole in the Gulf is finally plugged. And the Recession is officially pronounced over.

Two pieces of good news should brighten everybody’s day. But we don’t feel it. Perhaps we need to sell those pieces of good news to ourselves.

The Vietnamese has a saying ” the mountains and rivers are hard to cross. Hard, not because they are looming, but because of our divided hearts.”

Look in the mirror, and find yourself today, as salesman and customer. Then, sell the plan to yourself. It’s not the American century or currency. It’s the American conviction.


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