FICO and self

For a small fee, we can take a look of our credit worthiness.

But it takes a long time to realize  self-worthiness.

None among us has the future vantage point to look backward.

We often hear about the magic power of MLM. In good times, yes.

In bad times, those multi “levels” quickly become weakest links.

Big banks and big boys have faced Inquisition of their own.

Even when interest rates nearing zero, the engine still refuses to crank up.

It seems as if the confidence game itself can use a reboot.

The Asian tigers found their FDI level decline.

Now the Fed got money printer’s jam, and China refuses to extend credits (so much for country’s FICO).

Meanwhile, people in places like Singapore can’t get enough “satisfaction”. They are on shopping steroid (and smoke).

I can feel the energy of commerce.

But not at the gym.

People just punch in and go through their motion.

Even Todai dropped its all-you-can-eat prices.

So my recommendation (to myself as well) is to reboot our self-confidence and rebuild our FICO scores.

One step at a time. Until we got wings on our back and feel the sun in our face, “fly robin fly”. Just make sure those wings are not made of wax. All along, remind ourselves that we are worth more than our FICO scores, the same way we love our kids not because they bring home an A+ from school.


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