The only advocate you need

Hillary Clinton once campaigned on “It takes a village” theme.

Within a village, you need to find the Chief  Influence Officer. Our village CIO .

The technology broker who can diffuse the innovation you seek to introduce.

Two-step flow. 80/20 rule.

One example is to “diffuse” EMR which helps clinics take better control of their data base, thus, financial health.

We have been trained to be specialists in our respective fields.

When we come face to face with change, we are puzzled. Fight or flight.

Even if it’s good for us. Even when it’s needed change.

I-pod gets smaller. Data move faster. Money gets transferred around more often.

We ride at bullet-train speed, talk about ramp-up time. It’s a mechanistic society on steroid.

The philosopher ponders.  The banker laughs himself to where else, the bank.

The business of change is good (everything is engineered with built-in obsolescence. No one completed product testing to 100% satisfaction before launch).

The black-and-white generation like Tony Curtis all died off (even the Suprano as of this edit).

The village chief ponders as well. Smoke and mirrors. A lot of them.

It clouds his thinking and judgment. But you still need his blessing.

To fulfill his ceremonial  role. The chief relies on intuition and vibes.

He makes his decision based on years of social interaction (Papillon won him over by giving him similar Tiger tatoo).

On human goodness and kindness. On predictability. On human nature.

You can not  short-circuit that. It takes a village to decide. It takes centuries to harness those skills: judging people, gauging the validity of claims by people whose nature doesn’t change.

The jury system. The belief in human sacredness. Mutual respect and reciprocity.

Collective consequences. Inter-connectedness. Paying forward.

The village chief ponders. Have I seen this before – sense of deja vu.

How come the ballad of the 60’s moves us so much more than today’s (both sides now, for instance).

How come childhood ice cream truck jingle still warms the heart.

We are wired to hunt in pack, to eat in circle and to mourn around a  six-feet deep hole. Those fundamentals haven’t changed. Seasons come and go. But they always come around. The Village chief ponders some more. Then he makes his recommendation. And people listen to the old but wise man. He tells it in narrative, in content. Branded content.

It took a village to produce one wise man who took everyone’s views and well-being, then synthesized and optimized. He not only symbolizes the group. He is the group. And the only advocate you will ever need. Until his replacement, via consensus and the dying chief’s blessing.


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