Stay hungry, stay foolish, keep Searching

In his 2005 Standford commencement address, Steve Jobs ended with ” Stay hungry. Stay foolish”. Today, we should add “keep searching”. After Google, Bing and Yahoo and Blekko, which promised to keep out spam.

Wild Wild West.  More content, more classification, increasing need for trusted recommendation.

Part of the reason Facebook is where it is today is due to the ease of sharing (photo, film clip and music video).

We , the anchoring community, are the algorithm, the editorial board of our swam-like network.

See me, feel me, tweet me, show me …

A community needs common language (LOL), ritual (tweet me), and causes (poverty alleviation).

Right now, the obvious need is worker’s retraining ( for America to stay competitive).

Yet, it’s a chicken-and-the-egg cycle i.e. which industry should we be focusing on, and who will pick up the tab for work force training?

The growth of University of Phoenix and the likes shows a need for continuing education .

When IBM saw the writing on the wall, the Elephant learned to walk fast (and finally spun off its hardware segment).

Best of wishes to Blekko. It’s a vast Wild Wild Web out there. Google is taking its own medicine. That of the innovator’s dilemma. After “pageranking”, we will see stack-ranking of search engines. But then, it already knew. Google is moving to the cloud, to TV and to mobile O/S.

That’s what makes America competitive: up the value chain. Stay hungry, stay foolish, keep searching. Fear not.



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