Contagious innovation

Last week, I installed a new Search engine (w/ a slash).

Today, there is a whole new browser altogether. Rockmelt.

It does improve Facebook quite a bit.

Steven Johnson calls this phenomenon (of one bright idea led to another), the adjacent possible.

It’s like my New Year resolution of hanging out with positive people to “catch” their enthusiasm.

Yes, we can.

It’s been more than a decade since Netscape. Now we got Rockmelt, built on Chrome.

Fast we browse.

One can go through life and not see at all.

Suddenly, bright light city (imagine driving from LA to Vegas at night through the desert).

Innovation city is full of creative people. Vibes.

Energy. Unbound.

Take a deep breath.

And be steady for what comes your way.

Life is full of surprises.

Yes, we can.

I like the interdisciplinary approach in Steve’s book  ( Where Good Ideas Come From).

No wonder former Netscape founder hangs out with Creative Artist Agency man.

His point: it took a long time to build relationships with creative people, who tend to clusterize.

While the speed of chip set increases every 18 months, it takes time for artists and writers to cross-pollinate.

Thus, science (and tech) needs to learn from the arts, and the art side certainly benefits from innovation by engineers.

Bloomberg series on Game Changers show us that even in down time, creative genius won’t sit still.

They keep innovating their way out of  chaos and crisis.

It was great to see people scan their bar codes stored in smart phones for airline check-in.

I am sure we won’t stop at just one “adjacent possible”.

May the best innovation win.



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