Here they come!

Chinese buyers, that is.

Not a bid for 76 gas station, or IBM hardware (now Lenovo).

GM unit then Symentech.

On seeing David Stockman on TV. I thought I were back to the early 80’s. This time, just one just needs to replace the word Japanese, for Chinese (remember Michael Keaton and his gold fish?). Now, it’s Wolf Pack in Las Vegas, w/ Chow.

A 30-year cycle, deja vu.

Beijing is rolling out cars on mass. Then the Olympics. Then the Summit near the shooting.

Welcome to the Pacific Century, when personal income and saving are on the rise, this time, across the pond.

From the Olympics to the World Fair, from space to supercomputer, Beijing is flexing its muscle.

This time, we’d better get used to seeing our new competitor outside of traditional type casting i.e. China town, kung fu and acrobat.

When the Wall came down in Berlin, another stood stall in Beijing.

America needs a balance sheet. And the “For Sale” signs are up, for any buyer with cash. Chinese have saved up. Under the mattress. And this time, they go shopping. Cash or charge? Cash. Here they come again. Shallow the pride and give our customers the respect they deserve. It’s time for an American pragmatic approach to a pressing economic problem. Um coy, it’s thank you. Anything else you want to buy?


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