Boiling point

I was often jolted by the two popping pieces of toast, or when my coffee started to boil.

That last degree in Celsius makes a difference. Conversely, a frog in slow warming water loses its reflex.

The consequences of an over-industrialized world are over-production, and surplus labor/consumers who can’t afford or absorb excess production. “Boiling” factories, but “slow-burned” workers.

When work is moved off-shored, or, as in current wars, gets outsourced to private contractors, we start seeing reverse migration into America‘s heartland like OK and TX, where unemployment rates are more manageable.

Our attention is on the Korean miracle. Rise from the rubles.

Lean and mean machine.

I have yet met a fat Korean in all my years.

And I have met many of them, starting from my early age at kung fu classes, onto Wilshire Boulevard in LA, and most recently, in Vietnam and stop-over at a Korean airport.

The people work hard. Young people start playing hard too.

Now, the problem is keeping up without driving themselves to suicide.

(This is in line with a BBC report on G-20 background piece).

So, we have seen volcano erupted.  Economy that heats up. And we have seen decline in North America, even in traditionally hot states like CA , NV and FL. In fact, studies show Utah is now a rising star (under the banner of heaven!).

With longer life expectancy, and retirement age raised, we expect a larger chunk of Western elders aboard cruise ships.

Talking of cruise ships. They are “camping” out on the upper decks of the stranded Carnival, eating SPAM.

Rough guide to the Mexican seas.

Keep struggling. Keep boiling (and not to give up) until it is boiled. Just make sure you don’t lose the frog-reflex if you happen to be inside the pot. Boiling is a slow death process. Someone said aptly that insanity is doing what you have done repeatedly, hoping for a different result.

Want to know about survival and striving, look at South Korea. I don’t say they are perfect (same with Utah). Just that we can take a  page or two from their playbook. And maybe, take out kim chi for starter. Beats the SPAM on board the Carnival cruise ship.



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