Never too old to salivate

I was there on Black Friday.  95 North. Wal-Mart stop. I saw shoppers pushing carts filled with wireless printers, Blu-ray players and flat screen TV’s.

The only other time you see people taking stuff from the store in the dark was during the LA riot or Katrina.

Just as soon as one comfortably sat back and relaxed, watching the flat screen TV that the neighbor started toying with his I-pad.

Hum! One-up-man-ship doesn’t allow for rest. So, when one hears the bell ring, one  salivates….for an I-pad or I-pod. Give me some of that (When Harry Met Sally‘s line, the only speaking part by the Director’s mom).

Then, I stopped at Potomac Mills outside of Washington D.C.. The sign says “Never too old”, urging seniors to take souvenir photo with Santa (who was probably younger under the disguise).

American mall= Chinese showroom. Still the same Holiday ornaments,

same jingles. But shoppers came from somewhere else (nation capital’s immigrants), and goods shipped from where else, besides our factory to the world.

On Cyber Monday, Amazon put on its PR face by showing conveyor belts and its shipping facility in AZ, one of its many regional centers. I know, I know. When you are without a retail store presence, you would want people to see your brick-and-mortar backroom.

Krispy Creme even displays its signature Glaze donuts transformed from dough to donut. (Madonna beat them to the punch: she wore underwear outside, then Jane Fonda picked up on that in her work-out video).

Adam Smith praised the Invisible Hand that regulates the free market.

Then we called in government’s Strong Hand to save it from going under.

The tri-cycle economy is rolling (Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Saturday before Christmas). Keep salivating. We need another pair of socks and one more beanie hat, even when global warming clearly is pushing winter out for another two months – no need to meet and discuss the weather in Cancun. Stay here in N America!).

Still, never too old. A lady shopper pushed her walker slowly uphill out in the parking lot. She probably was looking forward to that Friday morning more than anyone else.

In looking at her, I realized we as a nation were going to win another Shopping race.

We have practiced to salivate much quicker – as soon as the bell rings. No offense. In China, they look at one another, and feel ashamed of personal gratification at the expense of the group. Personal saving rate is higher than US’. And this slows them down, leaving the US once again the Consumer of the Year, or any other year.



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