Maggie, I still have something to say

Saw Rod Stewart on TV, mute out sound at the gym.

Still with the spiked up hair, shiny suit and swaying.

Staying power and loyal fan base.

My daughter asked “what’s that word to mean someone who because of him/her, you model after”. I tried “influencer”, “role model“, “mentor” and hit the note with “idol”.

Those are people we project ourselves onto. They sing for us, say for us, and hopefully act on our behalf.

In this wikileaky time, it’s harder for idols to go un-dethroned.

Traffic cameras at every stop, pop up ads at after every click and commercials followed after Rod Stewart (Dr Gregory, plastic surgeon). See I remember. The demographics (middle age women with purchasing power parity).

Saw a young blond girl holding the sign “homeless and hungry”  on 95 Highway.

New economy and old wound.

Two-tier society in Colombia exhibited in two Misses Colombia, one from the slum, the other the society.

Yet we still have the one and only Rod Stewart, still with something to sing (I got a kick out of you). Boombox or I-pod, his hoarse voice still comes through, assuring us that despite our ups and downs in life, there is still room for celebrating our humanity, starting with the heart and working our way out. When the center is right, you can rest assured that everything else is alright. That’s all our parents could ask from us, and I from my children. The rest, we say a silent Serenity prayer, “grant us wisdom to know the difference between that changeable and unchangeable nature within us”.  Maggie, love is unchangeable. Just its expressions. That’s what I want to say to you.


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