Time to heal

Of the 5 stages of grief, the first one goes away the quickest (denial). The last stage, acceptance, takes the longest (not without some relapses). I wass at my parent’s graves this past Thanksgiving. A bit of acceptance there.

Trophies, college degrees and even old business cards showed our accomplishments. But they are not indicators of present success (there was PBS piece about an Ivy League graduate working as a clerk inputting license plate numbers of violators into the system – a job that could easily be automated).

We rushed from agricultural society to the information age, thinking that these flat screens will show larger bank balances. No they don’t. In fact, it shows less.

People who stay on the farm, hard as it is, hire more help right on site, not thousand of miles away. I remember a title “Acres of diamond”. Something about the value resides in each of us.

In the East, we have a similar story. It was about a mandarin who told his pulpit to keep dipping into the ink and copying down tons of books (no Google book-scan back then).

When the pulpit came back from earning his degrees (= lifetime job appointment), he asked his master where the diamond was (purported to be at the bottom of the ink vase). The diamond, as it turned out, had already been attached to the cap he was then wearing.

In fairy tales, input=output, Bond got the girl at the end.

We are living in a time when input might not equal output.

Put a coin in the vending machine, the coke comes out.

Ring the bell, shoppers will stop.

Many of us believed this mechanistic universe will never fail us (except for a few incidents such as the Challenger, Three Mile Island etc..whose cause were all “human”).

Put your money on “securitization”, then sit back . GE thought so as well, and joined the Maytag man to take a nap.

Hope 1.0, hope 2.0 etc….

The dream lives on with governor Moon Beam in California, but not else where. It’s all austerity in Greece and Spain.

Here in the US, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  W have the Saints quarterback to lift us our of our Katrina dilemma.

Some wounds won’t heal completely. Most will take time. In a mechanistic universe,

when a production run is on and time is exactly what we cannot afford to lose. As of this edit, the market is bullish again.


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