The run-away decade

Back in 2000, if you told Mark Zuckerberg that he would be TIME ‘s 2010 Person of the Year (once nominated Hitler and last year, Chairman of the Fed), he would probably LOL.

The decade started out with a Palm Beach vote (mis) count and ended up with the BP Oil Spill.

The last time we sat and stared speechless at the tube was during the Iranian hostage crisis (remember Nightline, Day 44?). The oil spill coverage got date-stamped to show how helpless we were at shaping the events of our time.

We can remote control the TV set, but cannot alter what’s pumped through it.

In between, we had a series of unfortunate events that eroded our optimism e.g. and housing burst.

Meanwhile, we offer unlimited text to teens and all-you-can-eat buffet to seniors.

Bin Laden is still at large, while Assange was detained.

If I could recommend the Person of the Decade, it would be the mass (crowd-source).

The mass have put up with so much in ten years’ time. Yet, they are called on to vote, to shop, to trade-in their clunkers, to share photos and stories (blog), to sell cookies-for-school, and to help (Remember the “Help Us” signs during Katrina, viewed from the air – even Air Force One).

Among the hurdled mass whose starting line was at Ellis Island, we found Bill Gates and most recently Mark Zuckerberg, who donated a large chunk of change. Now, that’s what I call being in control.

Dust will come to dust. But a man’s good name (reputational currency) stays on. As it turned out, despite the run-away decade, we can still be in control of our thoughts,

time, money, social media connection and reaction to unfortunate events. For continuity, the Supreme Court reached its “decision point” to select a President and our decade ended with BP engineers finally plugged the hole. Oh, don’t forget YouTube which empowers viewers with its upload feature. Andy Warhol was right: everybody, from Bernie to Bernard, will have their 15 minutes of fame.



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