Green Fields are gone

The camera panned jerkily (watch You Tube) as the Four Brothers sang away their classic hit, Green Fields.

The comments section was led by “I miss my papa, this was one of his favorites”.

The Greatest Generation, and now the Boomer Generation, are slowly but surely fading away. Gone with them are the many lessons and exhibition A-Z on leadership (WW’s), on innovation (Elvis), and on ethics (Woodward-Bernstein). Next Gen, however, gives us new platforms (digital) and new media (text and tweet). They are more racially tolerant (geek is geek), and digital media perhaps contribute to present declining crime rate and growing  gaming industry.

Mecca to them is CES now underway in Las Vegas. Everybody’s an Inspector Gadget. In “From Russia with Love“, Sean Connery was shown a high-tech brief case after receiving his mission to Istanbul. It was a concealed Swiss knife. To open the case, he needs to turn the two knobs half way (quite laughable even by those days’ standards).

Green Fields may sound like farm boys’ ballad, Yellow Submarine , an Industrial utopia, but Digital Generation has yet given us a defining theme (Detroit 2.0?). With User Generated Content (from 1 Billion and counting Facebook fans) and Earth growing population (7 Billion), Next Gen needs its theme song.

I understand the need to stand out, hence personal branding.

I understand the need to be relevant and collaborative .

And most of all, the need to innovate before Green Fields are gone. “I only know, there’s nothing here for me……”  Well, there have been floods in Chile, Haiti, and Australia.

Watch out world! There is nothing Buddhistic about living in harmony with living things. Or else, with biblical-size flooding, the Noah’s Ark in a Kentucky theme park might be real specie-saving act.


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