Small is still beautiful

I clicked on the “Place Order” button, and a few days later, arrived the used paperback copy of Small is Beautiful, by E.F. Schumacher. Its tag line ” Economics as if People Mattered”.

I thought I had that same yellowish copy somewhere after years of moving around.

Back then, graduate students already drove small cars (Pinto).

Unless you long for a Detroit of yesterday, then visit Cuba, where those old but sturdy automobiles still ride.

Evergreen of Massachusetts had decided to move to China.

New tech, new frontier.

After a great job marketing Hyundai, Mr Akerson “thinks about it”, and helps GM stay competitive in the new Detroit, where people now build cars as if oil mattered.

I clicked on “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell on YouTube. Same song, decades apart. But this time, with deeper understanding.

As of this edit, it’s Buddha’s birthday. Compassion and empathy. Perhaps we too, in our dealings with others, can view the situation from both sides. A call for empathy on this side of future.

In China, everyone seems to be happy that their President was well-received (and not having to travel to Texas and put on that cowboy hat as his predecessor did). This time, it was Chicago, instead. And the visit was to a Chinese-language school. Credits were due to Mayor Daley. Someone saw something that needs to be done (picking up a second language to stay globally competitive), and did it. Aim, fire then be ready. Just remember, small is still beautiful – economics as if people mattered.


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