Perpetual obsolescence

After Moore’s Law came Android’s Law (open-source software allows for faster deploy of smart phone apps – between six to nine months).

Smart phone turns dumb phone pretty quick.

(conversely, studies showed a steady rise of IQ as digital natives  spent more time playing games).

I call this “smart and smarter” generation.

We are inundated with more information in one year than the entire life of a Medieval person. (During the Reformation, Luther even had the time to nail 95 theses on the Church’s door. If it were now, all he has to do is “wikileak” it).

A MIT scientist even proposed a not-so-smart computer so it can process information faster (just guesstimate and not calculate).

If and when that comes about, we will have a perpetual Beta of both soft and hardware much like when VoIP was first experimented (we had to fill in the auditory “gaps”, since multiplexing wasn’t yet perfected – remember Skype in its early days?).

Back to Android. Ship it (beta) and send updates later.

When software completely resided in the cloud, smart phones will turn “dumb” (virtualized). Hardware is now playing catch-up with software.

It’s not the hardware. It’s SaaS . Think it and we will build it. Say it and we will ship it (Amazon).

Amazon will stream video to your screen any time, anywhere. It took a few pages from business books it has shipped over the years; titles such as “Customer For Life”. Amazon and the likes are in a race on NASDAQ chart at NASCAR speed.


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