boom bang

At 6:30PM today, the Packers will hit the Steelers who will definitely hit back.

Boom Bang! Boys and girls, both will be watching NFL football (it is worth noting that there has been an increase in NFL female audience).

$3 Million per Ad . Lots of eyes balls. Wear this, take that and drink those.

Consumer spending is needed to move this ailing (disconnected) economy forward.

Spending is stimulated first by advertising. ” The first time, I ever saw your face.”

With exposure comes retention and familiarity (brand recall).

Green Bay, the 60’s team, was famous for Lombardi’s line ” Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing”.

To join this virtual-arena culture, I already bought hamburger helper and ground beef to stay in. My daughter picked the Packers.

(If she lost, she would have to do yoga for the rest of her life).

Boom Bang. Freezer scored an intercept touch down against the Bears two weeks ago.

That did it for my daughter who only watches football once a year.

Millions like her will join in to watch tonight’s broadcast event.

It’s not just the game which attracts the crowd. It’s quintessential American.

The crowning and culmination of team work, hard work and dream-turns-reality.

The President was alluding to it in his State of the Union “let’s make Science Fair as desirable as Super Bowl” (to paraphrase him).

Tell that to today’s students: you must learn the Periodic Table, clean the table and sit at the table to learn Chinese. No game online, or watching the Super Bowl.

It would amount to an eternal time-out (we were conditioned to participate and engage).  Even expats asked where they could tune in to watch the unfolding game.

Soldiers away in war are no exceptions. People even showed up to watch the game outside of the Arlington arena.

No feeling comes close to watching a shared event with millions (GW Bush, Travolta).  The crowd, the hype and the blood-thirsting. So modern (neuro-marketing, protective gear etc…) yet so primitive (the cheer, the chant and the contact). Boom-Bang. Stay alive. Stay strong.


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