Ad avant-garde

Super Bowl Ads depict senior citizens who watch TV from the nursing home and argue among themselves. Ads use special effects. Ads show animation (transformer) inside an upcoming movie.

And ads with humor, lots of them (dogs, Doritos and Darth Vader).

New approaches for new demographics.

The Temple of Sports anchors millions of viewers into that one night (Tonight, is a good good night) to share surprises or sorrows.

Today, they clean out the stadium, but ad men hope viewers can recall : Buds, Bridgestone , and VW (GM and Ford as well).

It’s not the players who flexed their muscles. It’s the Corpore marketing machines which flexed theirs (the Air Force joined in with F18’s fly-over as well).

Super Show. American answer to Beijing’s Olympics.

Try to top that, slanted-eyes boys!

Here in the US, we drink, eat and be merry.

Go ahead, and make our day!

Keep leaving your kids in the country, go to the factories, and make cheap goods.

We borrow and buy.
We watch sports who happen to sell soap, soup and cereal.

Then we sell exercise equipment to those remote control viewers.

Big screen TVs, big waist line, big stadium (just happened to be in Texas to underscore this).

Super-sizing everything esp the costs of Super Bowl ads.

I watched them all. It costs too much to let them go unnoticed.

At this rate, I, like many others, will suffer information overload.

They thought of that. They even have a web site so you can watch Super Bowl ads over and over again. Marketing employs nothing less than the best of brains out there, way ahead of the curve. The avant-garde.


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