Gone are these jobs!

I read today about 10 jobs that did not exist a decade ago. http://finance.yahoo.com/career-work/article/111973/jobs-that-didnt-exist-10-years-ago

It quickly came to mind jobs that are now gone, for good:

Telephone switchboard operators

Gas station attendants (who used to wipe our windshields and check the oil)

One-hour photo clerk (Remember Robin Williams?)

Milkman, mailman, newspaper boy (fewer jobs)

Typist – (transcription)

Watch repairman

Shoe-shine boys (still working in Hanoi two years ago when I was there)

Answering service operator

Borders bookstore owner

Shoe repairman or tailor

Toll collector (some States still have them)

Translator (gone soon)

Tutor (moving online)

English teacher (robot is taking over the classroom in S Korea)

Jeopardy player (Watson won)

The time, they are a changin!  The press made a note that he wasn’t on top of his performance in Las Vegas (I did not see it at the Grammys).

Again, everything is “blowing in the wind”, including jobs from a pre-digital bygone era. Photo copy clerks should learn Search Engine Optimizing skills to get jobs in the 21st century. But then, watch out for Google algorithm.

Found this in WSJ Opinion page, which went much more in depth about the disappearance of traditional jobs.



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