Korean’s Blair-Witch budget


33-min film, using I-Phone in place of Steady Cam.

Viewers said they couldn’t tell the difference.

All digital.

The smallest camera back in the late 60’s was the 8-mm video cam.

ENG crew used TK-76 with battery pack and tape deck as accessories.

With the light on top, you talk about hauling more than 50 pounds of equipment.

We are turning a corner in filmmaking. The barriers to entry have never been lower. With that much youth unrest in the Middle East, we should have more of Sundance Institute to incubate young talents and story tellers. Director John Landis, of the Mission Impossible series, was interviewed in Cuba, as he  coaches a new generation of Cuban film students.

The Blair Witch Project was made with low-budget, but brought in beaucoup dollars.

This Oscar Sunday, we – the audience – will cheer our screen heroes.

Where will we be without them, those icons, who let us project our hopes, fears and dreams.  A Star is Born. My favorite is  Cinema Paradiso, about an Italian boy and his relationship to an adult mentor, who is the village projectionist.

Each culture has its own charm and chapter they wish never happened.

Italian cinema dominated our consciousness during the 60’s (the Vespa and village square).

Even the latest film, The American, is set in Italy.

Someday, we will have a chance to watch movies coming out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Tunisia. Maybe Korean directors can turn around and be their mentors, using the I Phone 6 to help them tell their stories.

Stories of war and revolution, stories of peace and prosperity.

Of dream realized and dream deferred. And how our childhood remains forever the bedrock of our adult sub-consciousness. Early imprints are hard to erase.

They follow us for life, at every turn, from career choice, to choosing a mate.

I Phone or I Pad, or X technology, as long as they help us, human, to connect

and share our experience.

I used to connect two empty milk cans. And that invention got me through rainy days with neighbor kids. It’s hard to hear across the alley in the rain. But I hear it to this day, not “Mr Watson, come here”, but something still resonated from that time : innocence and purity. We adults have forgotten how to play. BTW, that child play got me into telecommunication, a ride which lasted for a decade and a half. Today’s YouTube upload is tomorrow’s full feature film.

Just look at Justin Bieber and the ensuing fever. Or the Voice-Over homeless man. We do live in an age of viral communication. Can you see me now?


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