Weapons of Mass Education.

21st century Sputnik moment

America and China in a dual struggle to win the future over Robotic Intelligence.

I have yet seen PR pictures showing any President read a book or Kindle.

At least Clinton was honest in admitting that he read some fiction for pleasure.

(He has written a preface for an upcoming thriller just to show how book-bound this former President is).

President as Chief-Learning-Officer.

Turning the swords into plow shares.

Net Gen learning style is different.

They absorb data from multiple sources, and could fact check in nano seconds.

Peer influence is key.

(Still with the same fascination as earlier generations with idols e.g. Bieber vs Beatles).

Here is the final kick in the pants: getting our education house in order will not only  maintain our leadership position, but also sustain it, as baby boomers generation retire en mass. A highly educated workforce translates into a healthier tax base.

Besides, learning tends to beget further learning. Just look at “Blind Side” about a gifted young man. Where would he be today had not it been because of education. (Even the eagle needs a push). Debates lately focus on the costs of college education, and whether internships can do a nicer job at producing productive high-wage workers.

So, to “win the future”, we first need to conjugate a verb and configure an equation.

All learning boils down to socializing of the race, and passing on living experience to the next generation.

We learn so we won’t be alone.

No adult should be left behind.

This is not a 400-meter race.

It’s a marathon, and everyone is greeted at the finish line.

It’s the one Mass Weapon we can always find at a library.

Read, baby read.


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