When truth shows up

On the list of “cities that might get worse”, many are from California (Stockton, Bakersfield…but surprisingly, San Francisco as well).

Even with and despite boosted help from Tinsel Town. My first impressions of Los Angeles were formed back in the midst 80’s, during the commercial real estate boom (remember Michael Douglas and the Japanese gangs, or automobile factories that required workers to do exercise every morning – Michael Keaton and his gold fish!).

We were in Search of Excellence back then.

Re-engineering everything.

And greed was good.

Friends who worked for Zerox looked at me as if to say “who do you think you are, going to refugee camps trying to save the world” (today’s equivalence of “who do you think you are, going around leaving scars” by Perry).

Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda (before Three Mile Island) starring and posing as a news crew trying to cover  a nuclear meltdown and a financial meltdown. Both events happened albeit three decades later.

When truth shows up, it’s quite inconvenient.

Dead bodies cannot be recovered for proper burial in Japan.

Automobile and chip factories slowing products shipment.

Even if they could, oil price and overseas rising labor costs leave laser-thin margins for producers.

Even breakfasts at Tiffany will have to be rerouted to China.

Quite inconvenient indeed.

Operations folks now hedge their bets, co-lo and cloud centers spread out logistically. The next economic recovery will see millions if not billions of young Middle Easterners joining the fold. From Facebook to phonebook, they will show up. Their aspiration is our very own aspiration: housing, school, environment, sustainability, connectivity, dignity.

By the time America got used to spelling “Nguyen”, a sign that we finally came to peace with America’s lost war, it will need to learn a whole new lot of last names, some of which might not be as easy . Get used to it. The doctor should learn to take his own medicine. Democracy finally came home to root on American’s soil.

Roll out the mat (for prayers), not the red carpet.

Send them to Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Cities that can use some new blood launching another Facebook or Twitter.


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