Beauty, yes. Beast, no.

Elizabeth Taylor and Colonel Gaddafi. What do they have in common? Nothing, except for being on the cover of People and TIME, respectively.

The Queen of Tinsel Town once played Cleopatra, while the Colonel orchestrated his self-ascendency to be King of Kings (Africa). She was surrounded by men (husbands) he women (bodyguards).

Liz hung out with the King of Pop (incidentally, Michael Jackson was wearing uniform with white gloves, like the Colonel’s) in trying to support AIDS victims, while the Colonel welcomes back the Lockerbie‘s bomber.

Both lived through high times and turmoil (she was on a wheel chair, he bullet-proof golf cart). Perhaps the only brush the Colonel had with Hollywood was when former-actor-turned-Governor-turned-President Reagan almost got him from the air. (Obama on the other hand, was wearing black-tie on his Brazilian state visit when the second air strike was ordered, straight out of Hollywood’s script). The world mourned a passing Queen, and anticipated the fading King. TIME and time never does justice to anyone on or off cover (wrinkles, extreme close-ups, ill-lighted etc..) and easily turns beauty into beast.

That said, we expect drama just stop short of King Lear‘s. Modernity had a poetic way to march into cities past and present. It did in France back in the late 19th century.

It is doing it again, also by the French. First was Egypt’s dictator & son, then next in this Africa’s top-tier nation. However long the stalemate, the end will be eminent as a thief in the night, and all the female guards in the world won’t be able to fend it off.  All depends on logistics and supplies of arms. No arms-for-hostage deal this time, please.

Maybe Beauty knows best, when it’s time to go (they call it a wrap where she came from). It’s called D-day in war-time, and expiration date at Wal-Mart.


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