Nano and Numi

Tata wanted to launch its Nano line starting at$5000 (when imported to the US, it will need to add air bags etc… hence bumping up the MSRP), taking over where the Excel used to be.

Kohler on the other hand is making plans to roll out Numi, smart toilet, at $6300.

Low and high-end seating. I am sure some guys in the “technology and commercialization” department did a thorough SWOT at pre-launch (perhaps the study was conducted in Japan, pre-earthquake era).

Nano moves you around while Numi prefers you to stay put (with MP3, temperature adjusted seat and feet warmer).

In transportation term, it’s the Beamer of toilets.

What recession?

It’s delayed tax day. But Uncle Sam wants to date stamp your return.

If I had an unexpected windfall, I might consider Numi. As to Nano, well, ask those Yugo early adopters. See if they have lived down the social stigma and buyer’s remorse. Back in college, I caught some rides in a Pinto or Datsun, student wheels of choice. No wonder they always put students through “Standford experiments” (someone poses as an authority figure in white lab coat, barking out  scripted orders on his clip board), as if college students were reliable early adopters (Haier dorm-room fridges found sweet spot there doubling up as laptop desk). Want some social upstanding? then pick a Numi over a Nano, unless you are George Clooney, who can drive anything (EV) to the Oscar.


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