Random thoughts on Earth Day

An urban restaurant “closed the loop” by planting its own vegetables on roof-top garden, using bio-waste from its kitchen. Welcome to post-industrialized environment. A gym owner powered most of his appliances using energy generated from their Stairsmasters. Finally, the emergence of sharing-a-couch and sharing-a-ride economy (rule of thumb: if sharing stuff, they must be above $100 and small enough to be shipped around).

In Cognitive Surplus, the author listed the means, the motive and the way of sharing.

We have surplus and demand since day one. We just don’t have a way to match the two.

Now we do. It’s like stores who place wet towels at the entrance, so shoppers can wipe the carts.

Same with cities who have trash cans conveniently placed on the sidewalk litter bag for dog walkers.

Take care of nature, and in turn, nature will take care of us.

One consistent element from cradle to the grave, is Mother Nature.

You might shop at a supermarket, an open market or eating out, the chain might merge or be bought out, but the produce still came from the ground, fertilized or organic.

Whether your expressed wish is to be buried or cremated, it’s the Earth which will eventually welcome us home.

My brother called me the other day while visiting our parents’ graves. He must be moved  by their side to remember his youngest brother. Earth has always been tolerant of human many attempts to cultivate it, dig a hole in it, or bomb it. Until it trembles to remind us who has the last say.

I am no animist (although back in Vietnam, people tend to brand their products using Bee – for phone, Cat- for cigarette, Tiger – for beer, Elephant – for rice; see my Vietnam brands blog), but I root for CricKet, after learning that my former boss is now working at that company. CricKet tries to do community projects besides selling phones. At some point in life, we must realize we are inter-connected. And that the Native American did have a good philosophy: nurture nature, nature nurtures you. I promise not to use water bottle or plastic bag today, and if I have to, it’s for picking up the trash with my daughter who has Earth Day off from school.


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