Digitally remastered

Pink Floyd is rushing their digitally remastered CD box set for back2school season. Its last.

End of an era. “The Wall” is coming down and we “don’t need no education”. Just download it.

News for free. Music for free. Phone calls for free. Even when you ask the butcher for a cheaper cut of meat, that saving ends up going to the gas stations, who in turn, pay a hefty fee to the credit card companies.

(or if you are still in college, the digitization of all things helps off-set some of your inflated tuition).

Our ecosystem seems a bit skewed: the bohemian life-style is forever subservient to global oil companies and their middle men (BTW, still with tax subsidies, which pay for their TV positive spin).

Pink Floyd moans a lost era when arts and artists (with photographs and snippets) could collaborate to offer the audience a fully integrated experience. A community of music lovers, who don’t mind sitting on the floor and grow their hair just like performers on stage. In short, they did what the Arab Spring folks are doing except that the Flower Generation engaged in much more than just social change: they revolutionized music-buying, concert-going experience, new economic/environment models, spiritual awareness (with a tilt toward Buddhism and Hinduism) and race/gender equality.

The look on the faces of Woodstock organizers said it all “look, this is beautiful” (as opposed to: “man, they crashed the gates and we couldn’t collect their money”).

The same is happening today with open source and digitization of all things, including music and books.

While still ” don’t need no education”, Pink Floyd is rushing against the clock to finish its project, served as a bookend to a bygone era. I know I won’t buy another box set after this any way. They know it. I know it.

After all, they were the ones who wanted to do away with their previous generation to begin with. Talking about a bygone era. See also Francois Hardy’s “Tous les garcons et les filles” (de mon age, ce promene, dans la rue”).  Now, no one wants to go out for a stroll (or a Sunday drive, given the gas price). Just log in, and tweet.


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