Reaping rewards

Image of an old guy spread out on his Harley w/ a cigar in his mouth stuck with me.

To him, that was it. The end game.

Reaping the windfall.

In Seven Habits of Effective People, Steven Covey urges his readers to “begin with the end in mind”.

I guess, in this case, I better learn how to ride the beast.

(you can keep the cigar).

As a society, we are approaching another end-game: that of a Blade Runner Society,

first in the name of telemedicine, then enters cyber state control armed with speech recognition, facial recognition, Caller ID, individualized embedded chips, behavioral search … make possible convergence (of service and product brokerage).

A return to Eden. The Holy Grail of SuperMart in the Cloud.  A return to the original Amazon via the online Amazon.  Time saving. Money saving. Energy saving (most eerie when a company in Japan mandates its employees to get the same hair cut, to save energy e.g. hair dryer and water).

Cutting through the chase. No long sales cycle.

Just closing.

The B2B apps watered down version for consumer use.

Touch screen mobile phones, on all phones.

Commerce used to be a person-to-person transaction (begins and ends with a hand shake).

Then, with prosumer movement, we gave birth to a self-help and self-serve society.

Now, we are volunteering our data (and eventually, our medical data) to save ourselves (some counties already have citizens uploaded their personal data like where the bedrooms are, the medical records etc… for first responders’ rapid response).

The arrival of self-revealing society will not be greeted without a fight.

With help from Harrison-Ford– type, heroes of the resistance.

Preferably, French, with his beret and gilet.

Studies have shown that we prefer filling out a form, online or on paper, as opposed to revealing intimate personal details (like Social Security) to strangers. Yet, it’s a stranger who will have access to those data eventually (cyber-verify), be it a naked picture, or our “Likes” on Facebook.

Throughout these pages, I have stage-managed my digital footprints to pre-empt data distortion.

As long as we can still choose, originate and leave out any content then we are still in control. Google 1+ can aggregate our social graph to connect the dots, but it cannot pin down thoughts I chose to leave out, or sites I refused to click on.

The future of privacy belongs to those who choose what not to reveal.

Virtually, we are right back to the gated houses on Long Island. The mansion in Pakistan.

And the New England white fences.

Companies that respect consumer’s secrecy and sacredness win.

To reap future rewards, Harley and Cuban cigars, one needs to respect the man-2-man transaction,

just like it’s been done on the Silk Road. Technology only hastens that which one already chose as modus operandi. No wonder they said emerging countries tend to adopt telemedicine more quickly. India, meanwhile, hastens a national ID project to facilitate banking and social services.

By leapfrogging to the  bio-metric space, India inadvertently is building its cyyber-infrastructure,

like China with its physical one. The things they built were dictated by necessity

as much as availability (of latest tech). We are all in the race to reap the rewards, Blade runner style.


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