Just the chips, mam!

The speed of microprocessors keeps doubling every 18 months or less. We know that.

But what we don’t know is how things play out, from upending the music industry (Napster) to future mobile payment and games (Amex virtual currency).

When you asked people in New York, wallet or phone?  the answer was they preferred to lose their wallet.

Software apps are built on top of the chips layer to further change our world in multiple flavors (softwares in automobiles, in drones, in medical device, even in the coke machine). The sum of all changes results in a world quiet alien to our grandparents.

No, we can’t stop the train. We just have to rationalize that it’s all in the name of efficiency and progress, worthy of our devotion at the altar of the neon god . Just one more apps, just the chips mam!

Intent ad targeting! Wow!

Before you and I press the keyboard to complete our queries, the algorithm already defaulted our choice by listing a group of educated guesses, based on  past clicks.

I guess we finally meet our match: the machine.

The irony in all this is, as we approach decline (in memory and speed), the machine barely gets going. At some point, I will let M to deal with M.

M2M is more of a match in kind. Between Machine and Me, the difference is between a hockey-stick curve and a bell curve (on the right half of the diagram). It’s time for the digital natives to take the reign. It’s their world to wrestle with, while we got battles of our own, like social security and senior specials bargain hunting. Mam, you want some chips to go with it! They are bringing back the “Here’s the Beef campaign” just to put insult to injury.


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