Clothes and costumes

Just about now, we start thinking Halloween costumes.

We have tried on cotton, polyester, paper, fur, animal skin (leather) and raw meat.

At work, the dress code has changed as well since IBM went “soft” (ware).

Gone are the blue suit, white shirt and red tie. Who wants to upstage their CEO’s at Facebook, Google, and Apple (turtleneck).

So the working men are out shopping for “casual”.

And the sales clerk adapts: “Do you want the I-pad carry-on with it?”

Salesmen are facing an identity crisis. Gone are the 50’s hats, and the 80’s suspenders.

Now, with robot wrestlers, robot cops and robot ads (pop up), the next outfit will probably be Star Wars’s.

Clothes don’t make men (appearance matters, though).

But it certainly goes along way to buff up what’s already there (or cover up some tattoos ).

If I were to choose, I would pick Mission Impossible for this Halloween.

In fact, they did just that at Dancing with the Stars last night.

First, it’s Hollywood that set the standard (for music and fashion).

Then, TV followed in (dancing) step. Finally, we saw tie-in merchandise and toys.

Hopefully, the raw-meat-as-outerwear trend doesn’t catch on (Bruce Willis appeared with a raw-meat toupee on Letterman’s Late Show).

In fact, the go-casual trend fits right in with the digital generation.

Poor dry-cleaner chain! (who needs their T-shirts dry-cleaned).

Now, even brief cases and PCs  don’t sell. Just sleeping bags,  T-shirts and tablets.  Campus life forever at Google Plex. No clear break at Facebook’s Timeline. One infinite loop in the here and now (A/C, 24/7 news cycle and global office with backroom in the Cloud).  There is talk that Mark Zuckerberg will be the next Steve Jobs (after all, they both were on TIME magazine cover). In other words, the (turtleneck) long sleeves has just been replaced by the short sleeves. Just don’t skateboard in every time you launch a product (Google). Gaga would have preferred to be carried in, inside an egg, with hatch opened. Ham and egg breakfast-wear.


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