Mountains and mole hills

It’s not that safe at Safeway, if you decided to munch on one of their merchandise (eat-now, pay-later vs pay-now, eat-later), as one pregnant Honolulu tourist found out.

We learned in this AP article that no one stopped to say,” this has been taken far enough” i.e. we have made mountains out of mole hills.

If only the SEC regulators got the same zeal!

Still, property loss (especially eatable ) stirred more passion than job loss, until the author of “Pour your heart into it” decided to address it, $5 at a time.

Starbucks‘ Chairman decided to aggregate all the “Brother can you spare a dime” signs on a full-page NYT ad. “It costs a lot to look cheap”, says Dolly Parton. One unintended consequence of Occupy is regular homeless can blend in with Ivy League grads in tent cities (I was involved with mobile soup kitchen in wintry Boston, so I had some exposures to the brutal NorthEast weather).

Speaking of weather, it rained yesterday on the trick-or-treat parade.

It rained on policies which had tried to revamp the economy. One bright spot: Target which had some success with Cheap-Chic campaign, already set its Black Friday opening at zero hours.

Synchronize your watch!

I am sure our First Lady would want to pencil that in.

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, they found “Abels” in Cain‘s closet.

The nail that sticks up must be hammered down.

There will be many more debates to contest and contrast, but not conceal.

The Huntsman’s daughters are also out on their own campaign (Remember Scott Brown‘s daughters? Or McCain‘s and Cheney’s?) I am seriously thinking of  stapling my daughters’ pics to my CV.

Use all your resources.

Follow the money.

And forget not your fellow-men.

If they stole, it was their fault.

But if many had nothing but to steal, then it’s our fault.

Once in a while, I went on YouTube and clicked on “He ain’t heavy, He is my brother”. It brought back memories of my time in Junior High, watching upper class men perform in Talent Show. Those guys went on to excel in school and in society.

They showed us what loyalty meant (defending your school honor and one another), what patriotism meant (losing lives and limps), and what winning meant (together and not being a lone wolf).

That song got a long tail and a lot of mileage (reaching 2 million hits). It was popular at the time when the nation refused to acknowledge its enlisted men. Yet, less than a decade later, in pardoning bigger crooks, they made mole hills out of mountains.

Somewhere, someone ought to stop and say “this has gone far enough” instead of waiting for justice from the Nine, while the 99 felt left out.  That “someone” was somewhere else, certainly not in Honolulu and not at Safeway at the time of the incident.

P.S. As of this edit, Safeway dropped the charge, but the offenders were still banned from shopping at Safeway for one year (start counting the day!!!).  Wonder if there were a Vietnamese sandwich shop (Banh Mi Ba Le) where they get a bite?


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