One-legged work-out

Most people are out to celebrate the upcoming New Year (Tet). Dzzzzzzzzzzzzo!

Heineken toast!

Except for one young man, crutches aside, lifted his body (one leg dangling, the other with flipping blue jeans) up to train his upper-body. Now, that got my attention. I complimented him on finding out the right angle to wrap his hands around the bar. I mentioned there was a glove with an iron middle finger to protect one’s wrists ,  giving them more support and strength.

That young man could have stayed home, feeling sorry for himself.

Yet, that’s not what happened. He did with what’s left on him.

I had a mild scooter accident the other day (people just washed the sidewalk with soapy water to rinse out grease dripped from barbecue grills. Together, this made for potent slip-slide formula).

On my first few trips back to Vietnam, I saw fatal accidents.

Now, it’s “helmet nation”. This alone must have saved thousands of lives.

Most accidents happened over the holidays in the US (DUI).

It shouldn’t be any different here.

I did not know what had caused his leg to be amputated.

I dared not ask.

All I know was he was cool in my book.

After all, the current leg still needs to be toned up.

He just have to put on half the weight.

Unexploded land mines could have been the cause.

Recently there was a successful operation at Franco-Vietnamese hospital.

The patient’s thigh just grew to become a huge chunk of tissues after a failed amputation. A chief surgeon from where I used to live (Palm Beach) flew over with fund raised by the American Cancer Society to conduct surgery to remove the gigantic tumor.  Happy Tet!

Perhaps our patient from DaLat can someday  join a gym like my cool amputee.

Eventually, we will be confident enough to hold Special  Olympics for the disabled.

That would please Eunice Kennedy Shriver. She must be smiling from above.


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