Wonderful Valentine

“And then she asks me, do I feel alright?”

Wonderful tonight.

We are all conceived out of love.

Love without reservation, or hesitation.

90% perspiration, 10% inspiration.

But we are all here, celebrating Saint Valentine and Goddess of Fertility.

Chocolate and flowers.

Kisses and hugs.

Wonderful tonight.

“I give her the car keys…I feel wonderful tonight”.

Rich and poor, gay or straight, we need the other to be complete.

The world is envious seeing lovers in the park. Public display of affection.

Unlike a scene in “When Harry met Sally“, Director Rob Reiner‘s mom utters a oneliner “I will have what she is having”.

Go out and have a wonderful night.

Remember to take a taxi (or give her your keys).

When I was young, I heard “L’Amour est blue”,

Romeo and Juliet”  love forbidden, Titanic – love interrupted.

Somehow, love, as understood in Western sense, did not arrive until our young people started to explore French romanticism

(Tu Luc Van Doan).

Previously, it was forced and arranged marriage

But love? That’s a upper-class luxury.

Vietnamese lit is plagued with broken-heartedness rather than consummated love.

Whitney Houston, who has just passed away, rode her career on that single theme, as portrayed in “the Body Guard”.

(interracial, consorting).

The stronger the opposition, the harder it is to resist.

I have just finished “the Museum of Innocence”, a true love story set in Istanbul.

The last line, “tell the audience I lived a happy life”.

And what a love story that was.

No love no music.

No music no life.

Only the mundane and mechanical men in motion

In the Bicentennial Man, Robin Williams, our tin man, asks to be terminated, since he couldn’t cry (what do you expect from a machine).

Ever since, I realize God’s gift to mankind is that he could suffer because of love unfulfilled.

The best way to destroy humanity is to take love out of the equation. No love, no sacrifice, no commitment.

Love the one you got. Got the one you love. There isn’t much time as it used to be.

Feel wonderful tonight. It’s Valentine. You got my approval.


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