Happy Monday

Yes, one might feel Wonderful Tonight, but not the next morning, Monday that is.

Unless, it’s a keeper. Passion doesn’t push it way in, since it’s intrinsic in nature.

Yes, we are alloted only 24 hours a day.

But some of us can connect the dots faster than others.

Then there are those who can help others make those connections.

Blessed are the peace makers.

Former President Carter made a comment the other day about the agenda Occupy movement.

He was into Habitat for Humanity. Why not start Jobs for the Jobless.

Happy Monday to those who got work.

Happy Monday also to those who look for work.

Happy Monday to stay-at-home mothers whose sacrifices are much needed.

The innocence of the late 50’s, early 60’s showed forth in “Monday is Happy Day…Tuesday is Happy Day”.  Wonder if those sentiments will ever make a comeback. Please hold the grease and the hairspray though. Those who find Monday a Happy Day can surely handle Friday’s Happy Hour.


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