When your mind is cluttered with unfinished business, you are not clear-headed.

In our attention-starved world, spam and stimuli exacerbate this problem.

No wonder it’s hard to reach mutual understanding and agreement.

Best way is to nail down small and incremental wins to build up critical milestones.

We tend to agree with those we already liked.

In fact, that’s what drew us toward each other in the first place.

Sort of virtuous cycle: positive reinforcement.

As we reached maturity, we seem to narrow down our list of trusted friends (psychological overload).

In that vein, we can reasonably build our network of trusted experts, benefit from the network effect and still remain clear-headed . David Allen advises  his readers in Getting Things Done, to clear out small and unimportant tasks, to make way and time for more important ones.

He obviously knew about the 80/20 rule. His advice is: clear the clutter and climb to the top.


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