Tears in the here and now

I am not Italian.

Yet I broke out in tears yesterday, at least three times.

A medical check revealed that I had a minor stroke five years ago, which means I have lived on life extension without knowing it.

Had I known this sooner, would I have lived my life differently?

Or moving forward, what corrections must I make.

I forwarded medical facts about stroke to friends.

I called up close friends and families to tell them I loved them dearly.

I hated myself for letting distraction become attraction, and 80 become 20 (80/20 rule).

Clapton nailed his emotion in “Tears in heaven” after his child’s accident.

Tears wash away regrets and cleanse our hearts. One could fake a laugh, not a tear.

Not men.

Not non-Italian men.

If I had died five years ago, I would have regret not meeting new people, attending live music and seeing new places (good, bad and ugly).

I would be a lost soul, floating near Earth‘s surface to “crash” the gates of aristocrat’s parties, rock concerts and launch parties (movies and books).

I would nest near my daughters’ beds, so as not to wake them.

I would cry, shed ghostly tears when boy friends broke my daughters’ hearts.

And I would laugh at friends’ jokes without consuming the beer.

I would still submit requests for my favorite 70’s songs and wish that generation never disappear.

My spirit will continue to look for a heart of gold, still do it my way, and clip a flower on a girl’s hair in San Francisco.

Yes, there have been tears to pepper laughter. After all, it’s part of the script. Life script . Of growing up, growing old and growing wise.

Best part of living in spirit and not in body is that you get to travel for free. In weightlessness, we are free to carry one another’s burden. He ain’t heavy, he is my brother.


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