Holes and gaps

By now, we realize we were born incomplete.

We need one another, like a team that needs complemeting members.

Some lack social skills more than others.

Most know by now how set the trajectory of their lives are.

No more dreaming, tweaking and improving.

Yes, occasionally we indulge in fantasy. But those moments are short-lived.

Then back to business as usual. Back to the routine and mundane.

Back to non-events.

Those huge vacuums often times are not recognized, until someone point them out to us: “you have been insensitive”, “you hurt my feelings” etc…

Males don’t particularly pay attention in this area.

Yet that’s the area which set the course of progress and change: if I like you, I will even die for you. The catch is how to get others to like and help us, when we ourselves know we are not without fault.

First, be authentic and realistic. Born that way. No way out.

Second, forgive others (who are also insensitive and hurtful to us).

Third, carry on with magnanimity, asking for mercy and forgiveness from others often.

I think we will change the fateful trajectory once we really want change in us. Worry not about other’s shortcomings. We are all born imperfect, incomplete and in need of help. You know I made this move first. Now it’s your turn.


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